Opal Creek

A hidden treasure passed the deserted town.

Opal Creek is one of my favorite hikes I've ever done. It's a long 11 mile loop that travels through a deserted looking town that's used as a camp for kids/teens/adults over the summer. It is paved for the first few miles but shortly turns into a gravel trail that crosses bridges over the river, caves that used to be used for mining in the late 1800's. You'll travel through the mining town to a field that has overhangs to eat lunch and explore some really cool deserted truck as well (another one of my hobbies). Along the entire trail you'll see the incredible river that leads to the pools and will eventually come-up on the pools- you'll think you've gone to far but you'll know when you seem them and the small waterfall to your left.

Because most of the trail past the town looks the same, I highly suggest bringing tree markers or any type of fabric that you can tie around trees to find you path back- Hanzel and Grettel style really won't work with the ducks that come around seasonally. Because this hike is so long, make sure to start it on the earlier side of the day to ensure you have enough time to stop for lunch and to explore the town before coming back.