Multnomah Falls

Two Falls and a Beautiful Bridge

Multnomah Falls has been on the Top 15 Hikes to do in Oregon countless times, and for good reason. Although this hike can get extremely trafficked because of it's reputation, it's worth the early morning wake up to beat the crowd. Multnomah is one of the many gorgeous hikes along the Oregon section of the Columbia River Gorge and can be hiked, walked, or even just viewed from the museum down below.  The 1 1/2 mile trek up to the top of the waterfall turns out to be closer to 2 miles with the amount of switch backs and view points, but is paved almost the entire way.

With viewpoints overlooking the river on one side and the steep ascend of the waterfall on the other, there is no lack of beauty the entire hike. Once you reach the top of the falls, the designated trail leads directly to the viewpoint that overlooks the falls, the bridge and museum, and the river. Instead of staying on the trail and going straight to the viewpoint though, I highly suggest checking out the river that leads to the falls first.

With all switch backs, viewpoints, and return trail to Wahkeena Falls included, the hike turned out to be about 5 miles total, I suggest starting the hike at or before 10am to beat the family traffic, and definitely stop by the food carts after for a warm hot chocolate and one of their signature pastries!